IPEVO Point 2 View USB Camera with Case Bundle Pack
IPEVO Point 2 View USB Camera with Case Bundle Pack

IPEVO Point 2 View USB Camera with Case Bundle Pack

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IPEVO Point 2 View USB Camera with Case Bundle Pack

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Point 2 View USB Camera

The Point to View (P2V) is a USB Web Camera designed to free you from the usual screen-mounted web camera perspective. With its excellent autofocus; 2 Megapixel resolution and unparalleled macro mode, the P2V provides superior video chats, business presentations, family photo sharing, and much more.

Capture anything and everything, from any distance and angle including up close and personal to accommodate your conference or chat.The Point 2 View USB Document Camera provides real-time video capture for documents, pictures, textbooks, and three-dimensional objects—all at hundreds or even thousands less than conventional document cameras and overhead projectors.

And with its ultra-portable size and featherlight weight—less than a single pound—the Point 2 View is a perfect mobile solution for teaching, presentations, distance learning, and video communication of all types.

Included software with one-touch button functions for P2V USB Camera is compatible with both PC and Mac and seamlessly integrated with a wide variety of IM applications. >> More product details

Carrying Case

With this specially-designed carrying case, your Point 2 View USB Document Camera can be transported safely and conveniently. Ideal for those who frequently travel with the Point 2 View – whether you are holding product demonstrations, conducting business or education presentations, or simply switching classrooms – this durable case is a great solution for transporting your camera.

The Point 2 View Carrying Case is constructed with a tough, stain-free nylon exterior that fully protects the camera. Inside are velcro straps that will keep your camera body, USB cable, and camera stand secure for travel. Just fold the stand, coil the wire, insert, and strap in, and you'll be ready to go in seconds. The case is small enough to fit in a large purse, laptop bag, or suitcase, but strong enough to ensure your Point 2 View USB Document Camera will arrive at your destination damage-free.
>> More product details

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What’s in the Box

IPEVO Point 2 View USB Camera, Weighted Stand with Adjustable Arm, Universal Monitor Clip, Installation CD and Quick Start Guide are included.

Carrying Case and Instruction Card is included.


Version 2 provides a 1-Year Warranty from date of purchase.
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For purchase of other models not listed, please email our Sales Support and do include your contact number.

Product Website: http://www.version-2.com.sg/ipevo/p2v(Camera) http://www.version-2.com.sg/ipevo/p2vcase(Case)

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